1. All raffle/door prizes will be collected at the time of your arrival to be added to the Silent Auction table(s).
  2. Any and all damages to the reception area that is specific to a vendor are at the expense of that vendor.
    • All decorations, sound/electrical equipment (bring your own extension cord), or supplies must be provided by the vendor.
    • All vendors and their employees must confine their activities to their exhibit space. Handouts (including literature, souvenir items, and promotional materials) may be distributed only from your display space, not from the aisle. All exhibitors must limit noise level to an acceptable level. Acceptable level is defined as low enough that two people 8ft. away from a space can speak without having to raise their voices beyond a normal conversation level.
  3. Show hours:
    • The hours of the festival are 9am-4pm both days.
    • Set-up for the show will be 5pm–10pm on Friday, April 5, or on Saturday, April 6, from 6:00am-9:00am.
    • All booths must be staffed the entire time. Dismantling of displays may not commence until 4pm on Sunday, April 7, 2024. Moving equipment through aisles while guests are on the floor is discourteous and a safety hazard.
  4. Cancellations: No refunds will be given for cancellations within thirty (30) days prior to the event. For cancellations prior to thirty (30) days before the event, all but $100 shall be returned or used for future advertising campaign.
  5. Load in/load out: Setup will begin from 5pm–10pm on Friday, April 5, at the South side. There will be a large garage door and carts available for you if you need one. Load in/load out should be done as quickly as possible to keep the entrance open for others to load/unload.
  6. Exhibit space will not be reserved without a deposit.
  7. Heat sources: The following heat sources are allowed:
    • Crockpots
    • Heating plates
    • Other non-flame heating sources
    • Open flame (Sterno®)
    Vendors using an open flame must have a working fire extinguisher available and accessible at their booth at all times. ACC will check before show can open.
  8. Pre-packaged food items may be sold. Vendors may provide unpackaged or site-prepared food as samples. Unpackaged or site-prepared food may NOT be sold*. All food items for sale must be packaged. *Does not include produce or grown and harvested items.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ page for more information.

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